We create sustainable solutions for our customers by using advanced composite materials.

OPS Solutions has unique competence to design and build composite solutions; stronger, lighter and more durable than any traditional materials. Solving challenges today with solutions equipped to embrace the future.

Business Areas

OPS Solutions develops advanced composite components in close cooperation with customers within our main marked segments. Design and manufacturing of composite structures is our core expertise, providing excellent and sustainable designs and cost efficient production. A good understanding of regulatory requirements and cooperation with Class Societies ensure fast and effective type approval processes . In all our products and designs we aim to provide better solutions for a greener tomorrow by using composite materials.

Water Treatment


Lifetime Extension

Future Infrastructure

New Energy

Hydrogen Storage

Products and Services

Within the various business areas we deliver the following types of products and services:

Engineering and design

OPS Solutions builds on 25 years of experience of designing and manufacturing composite structures for tough conditions and demanding customers.

Competence is the backbone of the operations, from engineering and design to manufacturing and installation, with formal and relevant experience across all parts of the operation.

OPS Solutions provide composite material experts from design to installation.

Own R&D resources within composite materials ranging from MSc to PhD level and significant experience on design and Finite Element calculations of composite structures.

Capability to undertake various advanced structural finite element analyses (by means of Ansys and Inventor Pro) and design (by means of Inventor 3D and Auto Cad).

OPS engineering department can provide: 

  • Product development and feasibility studies
  • Prototype design and production
  • Structural analyses
  • Design and detailed engineering
  • Piping and stress analyses
  • Structural tests
  • Compliance check with codes and regulations, Norsok, PED, ATEX, ASME X, ISO 13121, DNV C501 etc.
Pressure vessels

 All of the OPS pressure vessels are manufactured by using filament winding process, an advanced stable process providing excellent quality and process control. OPS workshop and procedures for the pressure vessel manufacturing have been surveyed by DNV-GL as a part of DNV product certification process. OPS Solutions has an advanced 5 axis filament machine for production of composite pressure vessels. The type IV composite pressure vessels reduce the weight with more than 50% compared to steel and reduce the need for maintenance compare to conventional pressure vessels.

OPS pressure vessels have a new liner technology based on improved fire resistance and low permeability through the liner thickness. This technology can be used for diameters up to 2.5m, manufactured by OPS large filament winding machine.

The pressure vessels can be manufactured with or without a thermoplastic inner liner depending on the mechanical/physical and chemical loading.

OPS Solutions has developed own flexible liner technology that is combined with the filament winding process providing excellent dual laminate properties. By using this liner the OPS composite pressure vessels can be used for many types of media (acids and alcalic solutions) in combination with pressure and high temperatures.

Our pressure vessels are developed inhouse by our engineers and OPS Solutions can provide advanced type approved composite products delivered according to strict design rules including 3rd party verification on design and production by several Notified Bodies (ABS, DNV GL and BV). The composite vessels can be approved according to PED, ISO 11119-3, EN 12245 and ADR depending on the application.

OPS Solutions has an extensive experience with both one off products and series of pressure vessels both exposed to chemicals and pressure.

OPS Solutions has developed concepts for different segments within advanced composite pressure vessels:

  • Low pressure tanks and scrubbers for process industry and oil & gas processing
  • Medium pressure tanks for oil & gas water treatment
  • High pressure tanks developed for Gas transport/storage
  • Special products to deal with customized solutions.

OPS Solutions has developed a PED category IV composite vessel design for water technology. The concept can be used for water filtering or water injection systems where the process design pressure is up to 20 bars.

The pressure vessels are designed according to DNV-GL C501. The design ensures low weight compared to steel and low maintenance cost for the composite structure.

The pressure vessel prototypes have been subjected to full static and dynamic fatigue testing according to DNV-GL C501.

OPS Solutions has developed a high pressure vessel concept for general storage applications. The vessel is a general purpose type IV pressure vessel with a thermoplastic liner and a conductive GRE structural laminate. 

Testing of pressure vessels:

To obtain a DNV(or similar) product certificate the static and dynamic fatigue tests must be performed. OPS Solutions has all equipment necessary to perform the tests and has established a test site for burst testing.

Utility power poles

OPS utility power poles have a complete product range from low voltage and up to 132kV transmission lines.

  • Own modular design with flexibility for any project, based on established design standards (DNV GL), and adjusted to Nordic climate and rules (NEK 445).
  • The designs builds on extensive experience in composites and production of critical components, e.g., to the offshore oil and gas industry.
  • The designs have been, and are being extensively tested in own test rig, both for stiffness, response, and until breaking.
  • Testing according to standards (Renblad 2500 and 2502) with third party witnessing.
  • Products included in CAD programmes used for planning of power.
  • Proprietary foundations, patent pending rock foundation.

OPS utility power poles are:

Strong – Well known behaviour of composites and controlled production means the design can be made extremely strong.

Flexible – Composite masts will bend significantly under extreme load without breaking, increasing the survival rate under extreme conditions.

Lightweight – Ease and speed of installation, e.g., enabling installation of double/triple poles in one helicopter lift. Lower weights also lowers occupational health risk during installation.

Predictable – Well known and consistent behaviour of the materials – over time, temperatures, humidity, etc. – means the pole will have consistent abilities to take necessary loads and enables the use of a flexible and module based system.

Long life – Designed for 80+ years service life as composites have extreme fatigue resistance. Also, tests show no effect from UV.

Impact resistant – Although thin walled, the added safety factors and tough coating, means the poles can withstand impacts without being permanently damaged. Especially exposed poles can be made with added bracing (OPS Tough poles) to withstand larger impacts.

Repairable on site – Most damages, can easily be repaired on site.

Electrical insulator – Lowering HSE risk and risk of power to ground.

Maintenance free

Flexible production – Production on demand due to short set-up of production and production time.

Low environmental impact caused by locally supplied glass fibre produced by hydro power, design suited for efficient transport, long life, no risk of contamination throughout the lifetime.


OPS Solutions has installed advances structural repairs according to ISO24817 on several installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. In total over 700 successful repairs performed offshore for oil companies, including repairs in class 1, 2, and special repairs.

Composite structural repair, wrapping of pipes, tanks and other equipment can be used as both temporary and permanent repairs. This methods can be used when there is limited access to the pipes, it is prohibitively expensive to replace the pipe, or a full replacement is too time consuming.

We are using our own OPS Wrap where each installation of a repair is customized according to its individual requirements. This is made possible by the combination of highly skilled installers and our composite repair designers provide the customer/system owner a unique and flexible repair system with a very fast response time. OPS Solutions is not providing already prepared repair kits. 

  • All of the material properties used in ISO 24817 laminate calculations are tested and compared to Finite element calculations and laminate testing.
  • GRE material for wrapping repairs is tested by an external laboratory and the values are on ply level.
  • Every new combination of resins and substrates must be tested to obtain a comparable value of laminate/substrate surface strength.
  • We verify the all results by using Finite Element Analysis to recalculate values of laminate properties, peel strength, and shear strength based on test results.
  • The repairs are executed by qualified and experienced operators with both theoretical and practical training.
  • DNV GL has evaluated OPS wrap and OPS installation methods.
  • OPS is an approved supplier for composite repair according to Equinor technical requirement TR3016
Service and installation composite

OPS Solutions has highly skilled certified operators able to execute large multidiscipline complex projects both domestic and international. OPS Solutions has performed large GRE piping projects at Glencore Kristiansand, Equinor at Melkøya, and Shell at Aukra/Ormen Lange, and many other land based process facilities.

These projects require an excellent developed quality system, engineering knowledge, certified installers and highly skilled project managers.

OPS Solutions has all the tools to perform a successful installation or retrofit of GRE systems on rigs and marine vessels, and has an extensive project track record on rigs and vessels all over the world.

Our strength is to have a short response time. OPS Solutions can set up a certified project team, provide necessary material and develop a project plan very fast. This gives the clients a quick, safe and high quality solution to their problem.

Composite pipe applications driven by cost effective, low mainatnance, low weight, complex geometry, or corrosive chemicals.

Complex, lightweight and chemical resistant durable piping in process and processing plants onshore and offshore or the shipping industry.

Service and installation mechanical

The majority of our operators are skilled operators (plateworkers, welders, industrial mechanics) in our field, and they do jobs both on land based contructions and on offshore installations.

The products we deliver are made of different material qualities and our customers are mainly businesses in the following sectors:                                                                                      

  • Oil- and gas industry
  • Land based industry
  • Construction 

Our core areas:

  • Sheet metal work and welding
  • Steel assembly
  • Prefabrication and assembly of steel structures
  • Machining

Our metal cutting machine with plasma and gas can cut plates in all dimensions up to 2000x6000mm. We fabricate the steel constructions in our modern workshop. Our deliveries include production of both smaller and larger constructions of steel all according to the specifications from the customer. We have technical expertise on doing modifications and repairs of steel structures. In addition to sheet metal work/welding, we also do assembly and machining in our work shop. This enables us to deliver complete steel constructions to our customers.

Special products

OPS Solutions deliver complete solutions and systems design based on composite materials. OPS engineers are specialists in design, construction and manufacturing using polymer composite materials.

OPS Solutions delivers special designed complex shaped structures within all our business areas.

The combination of material science and a thorough understanding of chemical interaction with the composite material provides strong and chemical resistant product for unique products.

OPS Solutions has an excellent track record for developing composites special products/prototypes together with clients within different fields of applications.

OPS Solutions applies modern design tools like Inventor® and Ansys® during product development together with clients.

Why us

We’ll solve it!

We do the entire process, from design to installation.


More than 30-years experience solving challenging problems for our customers.

Flexible production facilities and organization

Our organization and production sites are adaptable to suit the customer’s specific needs for tailor-made solutions.

Future oriented and innovative

Composite is a material for the future, and we use it to innovate and challenge existing solutions.