Service and installation mechanical

The majority of our operators are skilled operators (plateworkers, welders, industrial mechanics) in our field, and they do jobs both on land based contructions and on offshore installations.

The products we deliver are made of different material qualities and our customers are mainly businesses in the following sectors:                                                                                      

  • Oil- and gas industry
  • Land based industry
  • Construction 

Our core areas:

  • Sheet metal work and welding
  • Steel assembly
  • Prefabrication and assembly of steel structures
  • Machining

Our metal cutting machine with plasma and gas can cut plates in all dimensions up to 2000x6000mm. We fabricate the steel constructions in our modern workshop. Our deliveries include production of both smaller and larger constructions of steel all according to the specifications from the customer. We have technical expertise on doing modifications and repairs of steel structures. In addition to sheet metal work/welding, we also do assembly and machining in our work shop. This enables us to deliver complete steel constructions to our customers.