Engineering and design

OPS Solutions builds on 25 years of experience of designing and manufacturing composite structures for tough conditions and demanding customers.

Competence is the backbone of the operations, from engineering and design to manufacturing and installation, with formal and relevant experience across all parts of the operation.

OPS Solutions provide composite material experts from design to installation.

Own R&D resources within composite materials ranging from MSc to PhD level and significant experience on design and Finite Element calculations of composite structures.

Capability to undertake various advanced structural finite element analyses (by means of Ansys and Inventor Pro) and design (by means of Inventor 3D and Auto Cad).

OPS engineering department can provide: 

  • Product development and feasibility studies
  • Prototype design and production
  • Structural analyses
  • Design and detailed engineering
  • Piping and stress analyses
  • Structural tests
  • Compliance check with codes and regulations, Norsok, PED, ATEX, ASME X, ISO 13121, DNV C501 etc.