HSE Policy

OPS shall at all times ensure that it produces with respect to the environment at all stages.

With its environmental policy, OPS wants to contribute to a better environment by

  • Having an environmental management system that is certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO14001.
  • Continually working on improvement and prevention regarding environmental pollution.
  • Ensuring that OPS follows the laws and regulations imposed by the authorities.
  • Influencing suppliers to deliver products and services with consideration to the environment.
  • Reducing the load from waste through sorting.
  • Changing over time all vehicles to electric vehicles, cars/trucks.
  • Continuously monitoring and reducing energy consumption in all processes (Green Norway).
  • Continuously monitoring and reducing material consumption.
  • Continuously monitoring and reducing water consumption.
  • Working to motivate customers to approve reuse/circular use of materials/parts together with customers design products to minimize CO2 emissions.
  • The main part of our products must have LCA /Co2 accounts available.
  • Involving all employees in the environmental policy.