OPS Solutions has installed advances structural repairs according to ISO24817 on several installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. In total over 700 successful repairs performed offshore for oil companies, including repairs in class 1, 2, and special repairs.

Composite structural repair, wrapping of pipes, tanks and other equipment can be used as both temporary and permanent repairs. This methods can be used when there is limited access to the pipes, it is prohibitively expensive to replace the pipe, or a full replacement is too time consuming.

We are using our own OPS Wrap where each installation of a repair is customized according to its individual requirements. This is made possible by the combination of highly skilled installers and our composite repair designers provide the customer/system owner a unique and flexible repair system with a very fast response time. OPS Solutions is not providing already prepared repair kits. 

  • All of the material properties used in ISO 24817 laminate calculations are tested and compared to Finite element calculations and laminate testing.
  • GRE material for wrapping repairs is tested by an external laboratory and the values are on ply level.
  • Every new combination of resins and substrates must be tested to obtain a comparable value of laminate/substrate surface strength.
  • We verify the all results by using Finite Element Analysis to recalculate values of laminate properties, peel strength, and shear strength based on test results.
  • The repairs are executed by qualified and experienced operators with both theoretical and practical training.
  • DNV GL has evaluated OPS wrap and OPS installation methods.
  • OPS is an approved supplier for composite repair according to Equinor technical requirement TR3016