Environment & sustainability strategy

OPS Solutions works to achieve the best possible environmental profile and wants to be part of the "Green Shift". OPS wants to focus more in the direction of service products where it will be easier to influence our customers with the choice of environmentally friendly use of materials to produce products in a more environmentally friendly way. OPS Solutions' strategy is to influence the market in a more sustainable direction in accordance with the UN's climate and sustainability goals.   

OPS will work more towards customers with environmental ambitions and strongly recomand materials that create less greenhouse gas emissions. We want to challenge our suppliers to develop new and more environmentally friendly materials. OPS will follow up its suppliers more closely to have the opportunity to check their environmental awareness, and that it is in accordance with OPS's goals and choices.     

OPS aims to promote selected of the UN's sustainability goals, which we believe OPS can make a difference:

Good health and well-being for our employees is important and therefore safety and health are put first. Safeguarding the health and quality of life of our employees is ensured by risk-assessing work operations, using adapted and approved protective equipment. Health check and good cooperation with OHS to safeguard the quality of life. Our employees should come home after work and feel they have been taking care of and looked after. A good working environment is important for the social and cohesion of the employees at OPS.

Decent work and economic growth for employees, owners and partners. OPS is a safe and stable workplace with good finances. OPS is an inclusive workplace where there is collaboration with other actors, so that those who need to test work-adapted opportunities can try out working life, in order to eventually get the opportunity to be employed in the OPS family.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure: OPS wants to have a production where our products look after the infrastructure in the best possible way. The focus is on the development and design of new products that are socially beneficial and environmentally friendly alternatives. Proposals must be submitted for measures with environmental benefits, transfer of experience from previous similarly completed projects. OPS designs for the products to be robust and durable materials that can be easily dismantled for maintenance and reuse.

Responsible consumption and production that takes care of waste consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and energy use in own production. By having a good overview of stock and residualt materials, consumption will decrease and smarter use of all materials can be planned for full utilization. OPS has good routines for waste management and checks whether any of the waste can be recovered or recycled in good cooperation with our suppliers.

Climate action: OPS always focuses on substitution and choosing the best solutions to stop climate changes. We have good cooperation with our suppliers of materials and products to make sure that OPS is offered the best climate and environmentally friendly alternative on the market.

OPS Solutions' strategy is to promote Partnerships for the goals at all levels of the organization together with our owners, employees, customers and suppliers. It should become natural for all stakeholders in our projects to choose environmentally sound solutions. There is also good cooperation in this industry where good environmentally friendly solutions are shared, while following at the same time the world market looking for even better solutions and alternatives.  


OPS Solutions wants to be the preferred partner so that we can have a greater influence.

Then we will have the opportunity to create sustainable solutions early in the start-up of development projects for new products. OPS Solutions must think environmentally friendly and use its environmental expertise from early project development, through all the project's phases.

It should become natural for all stakeholders in our projects to choose environmentally sound solutions.

OPS Solutions must demonstrate good environmental management in the implementation of operations. This is how we believe we can contribute to the green shift.

At OPS Solutions, environmental management is an important part of our strategy. We believe that thinking environmentally friendly will turn in to good HSE, quality in execution, and good quality over the lifetime of the delivery. 

Through our environmental goals and our strategic environmental management, we believe that we will achieve our environmental vision.