‘‘Industry advancing’’ wave energy project

OPS Solutions will supply a pressure cylinder to CorPower Ocean, which has now received support from EEA Grants of approximately 5.2 million NOK for a pilot installation off the coast of Portugal. 

OPS Solutions and CorPower Ocean will join forces for the COMPACT (COMposite Pressure cAsing for CosT) Project, combining sector leading Wave Energy technology with low-cost composite design and fabrication processes from the offshore industry. CorPower Ocean is currently fabricating its first commercial scale C4 WEC – 9x18m, weighing 60 tonnes with a 300kW power rating, which should be able to extract 300 kW power from the horizontal and vertical movements of the waves.

We will use our experience from the production of utility power poles and pressure vessels to develop and manufacture a light-weight pressure casing (cylinder), the key component of CorPower’s WECs (Wave Energy Converters).

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